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Baby Sleeping Sacks that everyone falls in love with

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Published 17 February 2020

Los saquitos para bebés que a todo el mundo enamoran

The sleeping sacks are one of those ideal items that you see and fall in love with, something you want to be given as a present and that you want to recieve as well!

Since we launched them, they have been a hit. Many have bought it for themselves, others have bought it as a gift and others, who had bought it for themselves, end up giving it to friends because they say it is one of those baby essentials that they would love to have.

Froadly Born Rosa London London Kids

However, they are much more than something ideal, they are that purchase or gift that you will be happy to have for several reasons:

  1. They are a touch to the touch; Especially inside, where is the baby. Soft, joyful and 100% cotton fabrics.
  1. With a hood that helps them maintain body heat, that babies usually lose for the head.
  1. The Saquitos serve as a lullaby at the hospital departure.
  1. They are the perfect accessory to take your baby for a walk and protect him from cold temperatures, winds or from the entertainment temperatures ...
  1. If you use it at home to sleep, she does not uncover for cold. In addition, the temperature of a baby when it sleeps usually goes down so if she is inside the bag we make sure that she does not cool or uncover.
  1. Like everything we do, it is easy to wash. In a 30º program in the washing machine it will be perfect. And, we usually recommend that you do not met anything with zippers or that it could get hooked on the outer fabric that is delicate.

Froadly Born Mustaza Wombat Kids

If you want to see it more in detail, we recommend that you go on our Instagram account (@wombatkids) where we have left several videos in detail.

After that, you just have to choose your favorite color !!

Froad pack Saco Palmeras Verdes Wombat Kids

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