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Wombat Kids born from the illusion of two intimate childhood friends and two passionate decoration for creating a unique textile line of children's home and baby accessories. After seeing that in the market there was a brand that offered the quality and design they were looking for for their children; They decided that this was the time to shape their idea. Leticia, a degree in advertising and public relations and with a master's degree in Fashion Business Management and Management; And Carla, with a degree in Business Administration and Management, put all their knowledge and experience to create this project.

Wombat Kids seeks to offer limited and timeless collections with sophisticated and quality fabrics that fall in love with mothers and have a special touch. In their first collection, they decide to make a tribute to London, a city where Carla resided for 8 years, working with fabrics of the prestigious Liberty London.

Love in the design of each garment, the care in the search for fabrics, the quality of clothing and customer service, are basic pillars of this brand. Being aware of the Made in Spain label, all collections will be manufactured in Spain and specifically in Madrid; Something that allows a very close relationship with the workshop, as well as offering customers to make custom garments.

From Wombat Kids we hope to reach your houses and also become your reference brand in terms of everything about the children's home or accessories for the baby.