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Chichonera Storm Blue

Chichonera Storm Blue

€140,00 EUR

360cm crib protector (long)*45cm (high) double gauze storm blue.

Our chichoneras fluffers are specially designed to protect in the crib even the most moved baby and prevent their feet or arms from putting their bars. In addition, they are a perfect decorative element for your room. They cover all the crib and carry very resistant ties. They are perfect for 60 * 120 cribs.

It combines this wonderful chichonera with our reversible reversible reversals or metals of the Honey Blossom collection and creates unique and original looks for the room of the little ones in the house.

  • Exterior: 100%cotton.
  • Interior: 100% polyester wadding. Not unlockable
  • Cold machine washing
  • Do not use dryer
  • 360cm measures*45cm